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These simple ideas cost little to nothing, yet they can pay off big in terms of helping you get the price and help sell your home fast.

A home is one of the biggest things you’ll ever buy or sell. I would like to help you make the most of it.
Your home tour begins long before anyone sets foot inside the door. Grab their attention from the curb with these suggestions.


A fresh coat of exterior paint undoubtedly makes a house look better. If you can’t afford it, try painting only the front door and, if needed, the area around it. Missing the matching paint? Look for a switch plate or other item you can take to the paint store to be matched.


Now’s the time to give up on all those half—dead plants you hoped would recover someday. Whether they’re in or out of your house, wilting plants with brown edges and dropping leaves detract from a clean look. Use this as your excuse to buy a few new ones with glossy green leaves. They’ll make your current home fresher and your next house feel more like home. 


Empty yards sell better than overgrown ones because they look bigger. Don’t be timid when you trim your shrubs and trees. Make your landscaping accent the house – not hide it.


When your house is on the market, water your lawn enough to keep it lush and green. If you have a sprinkler system, turn it on just before a showing to give your landscape a dewy, fresh shimmer and scent. A yard looks better moist than dry. You can also discourage exploration of messy areas by leaving certain sprinklers on.


The first thing your buyer will likely see is your driveway. Sweep away debris and get rid of old oil stains to make a nice, clean first impression. Liquid drain cleaner works on cement to make oil stains disappear. Just make sure you read all manufacturers’ warnings and use caution. 


Here’s a tip that will cost you only a few extra steps. Leave your car down the street so the Realtor has the best parking. The extra space and clean view of your driveway and garage make everything seem more spacious. Also, stash the toys, garbage cans and other obstacles out of site.
FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST – Once you get your prospective buyers inside, here are tips to make your home stand out!


Nothing says “welcome home” like the smell of something in the oven. Conjure up the same feelings of warmth and comfort by popping some ready made cookie or bread dough in the oven just before a showing. Remember, buyers’ perceptions of a home are based on more than what they see. Appeal to their nose as well as their eyes.


Short on time? Try misting some vanilla air freshener or leaving out a few bowls of vanilla potpourri. The scent has a particularly broad appeal and makes buyers feel more at home.


A bright house looks larger, cleaner and more appealing. Maximize your light with new 100 watt bulbs in your lamps and fixtures. You’ll be surprised how it can make things feel open and airy, even without lots of windows or skylights. Remember to leave the lights on, if possible, before each showing.


In addition to using lamps to make your home bright, don’t forget to maximize your natural light. Always keep your curtains and blinds open. There’s only one exception. If your window faces an eyesore, keep it covered.
Your windows should be crystal clear, your screens in good shape and window sills free of dust or clutter. If your screens are tattered or full of holes, have them replaced. If that’s not possible, remove the screens entirely to maintain a clean appearance.


A few well-placed flowers will brighten any room. Even one or two fresh flowers in a vase make things look and smell nicer. Alternatively, buy some potted flowering plants that can do double duty – help you sell your current home and brighten your new one as well.


Why do you love your house? Share some of those feelings in a personal letter. Put it on nice stationery and leave personally signed copies where buyers won’t miss it. Talk about the schools, good neighbors, area shopping and your home’s history. Appeal to emotions and help your buyers see how great it is to live there.


Each time you head out the door, look around first. If it’s possible someone may come through your house, make sure they see everything at its finest. That means clothes off the floor and dishes out of the sink. No time for perfection? Get a few large plastic tubs to collect your odds and ends. Just don’t stash any messy piles where they’ll be easily discovered, like a closet or cupboard. 


Use the checklist in the back of this Report or make your own to help remember all these little last-minute tricks to turn up your home’s charm.

15. GET OUT!

Always leave your house while a Realtor® shows it to a prospective buyer. Buying a house is an emotional experience. Allow your buyers to really feel comfortable checking out your house by not being in it!


The same goes for your dog. If your four-legged friend might cause tension for someone uneasy around pets, take him with you. Don’t let anything take away from the overall emotional experience of touring your home.

SHINE IT UP – A little elbow grease goes a long way when preparing your house for the market. Here are a few good places to focus your energy for maximum results. 


It’s a fact that clean homes sell faster. When you list your home, have the carpets cleaned. Then leave a few pair of shoes by the front door – it’s a subtle message that you’re meticulous about the appearance of your home.


Kitchens count for a lot in the sale of your home. Make sure yours looks its best with sparkling clean appliances. Replace any broken knobs and use a dull knife edge to get grease and grime out of cracks and corners. If appliance colors don’t match, bring in a professional to paint them neutral. Paint costs you less than new appliances and adds dramatically to the overall impression of your kitchen.


Take a walk around your house looking for the details that might stand out to someone entering for the first time. Pay special attention to your fixtures. Don’t forget to wash glass globes on any lights and shine up the door knobs.


You may have only one guest, and they won’t take a dip, but show how much fun your pool can be by having it clean and ready to go – even if it’s winter. That means a clean, uncovered pool with all the furniture out and ready for guests.
BIGGER IS BETTER – Your goal should be to make your home seem as spacious as possible. Here are five ways to get a clean, clutter-free look buyers like.


Having trouble getting your car in the garage? Take this opportunity to eliminate your old junk and organize everything else. Store what you can with family or friends. Your garage will appear larger and you’ll benefit from being organized before you move.


Selling your stuff is good motivation to let it go. Your junk is someone else’s treasure, so let them have it. In a weekend, you can be free of unwanted clutter and make enough money to fund other small improvements to market your home. Check with your local newspaper for special garage sale advertising packages.


Abundant storage is a major selling point. Make your storage space look larger by reducing what you keep in your closets. Move extra stuff to the attic or some other out-of-the-way place. Apply this rule to any storage area.


Remember, you’re selling your house, not your furniture! You may want to store any large or ornate pieces that take up valuable space. Removing a few pieces of bulky furniture is the best way to make your house bigger – or at least feel that way.


Another excellent way to make room and eliminate clutter is to start packing now. Take the time to wrap those knickknacks in paper and box them up. You’ll be ahead of the game when the crush of moving comes. In the meantime, your house looks bigger and better.

BET ON THE BASICS – If you have a little money to prepare your house for the market, here are some good places to spend it.


If your furniture is really worn, now might be a good time to replace it. Look around with a critical eye and decide what new pieces will make the most difference in your home’s overall appeal.


You may be brave with bold colors, but chances are, your buyers aren’t. Play it safe and cover up any exceptionally deep, bright or unusual colors. Think nice and neutral. If you don’t want to redo the entire house, focus on the places that make the biggest impression – entry areas, living room, kitchen and master bedroom.


Wallpaper is a quick way to dress up the kitchen or bathroom. Be sure to select something with universal appeal. Also, pick a paper that won’t require a matching pattern to save time and money.


When selling your home, consider your competition. Visit these homes and look for things you can do better. Accent the similarities and call attention to what your home has that your competition is without.


Call the professional that has your best interest at heart and is knowledgeable of the current market place. These simple ideas cost little to nothing, yet they can pay off big in terms of helping you get the price and help sell your home in a timely manner.

A home is one of the biggest things you’ll ever buy or sell.  With all of the legalities, potential for mistakes and coordination that must take place in a real estate transaction; you can lose thousands of dollars along with valuable lost personal time.   I will guide you through the process and be with you every step of the way.

 10 Biggest Selling Myths Uncovered

Selling a house can be a bit like having a baby -- everyone gives you advice that may or may not be true for you. Here are ten myths uncovered:


1. Myth: You should always price your home high and gradually lower it if it doesn’t sell.
Truth: Pricing too high can be as bad as pricing too low.

You may think by listing high you can always accept a lower offer, but if you do, you'll miss the buyers looking in the price range where your home should be. Offers may not even come in, because interested buyers are scared off by the price and won't bother to look. By the time the listing price is corrected, you will have lost a large group of potential buyers. Your real estate agent will offer you a comparable market analysis. This is a document that compares your home to other similar homes in your area, with the goal of helping you to accurately assess your home's true market value.
2.  Myth: Minor repairs can wait until later. There are more important things to be done.
Truth: Minor repairs make your house more marketable, allowing you to maximize your return (or minimize loss) on the sale.

By and large, buyers are looking for an inviting home in move-in condition. Buyers who are willing to tackle the repairs after moving in automatically subtract the cost of needed fix-ups from the price they offer. You save nothing by putting off these items, and you may likely slow the sale of your home.
3.  Myth: Once potential buyers see the inside of your home, curb appeal won't matter.
Truth: Buyers probably won't make it to the inside of the home if the outside of your home does not appeal to them.

Many buyers drive by a home before deciding whether or not to look inside. Your home's exterior will have less than a minute to make a good first impression. Spruce up the lawn, trim shrubs and trees, and weed the garden. Clear the walkways and driveways of leaves and other debris. Repair gutters and eaves, touch up the exterior paint and repair or resurface cracked driveways and sidewalks. Place potted flowers out front, hang a wreath on the door and put out a pleasing welcome mat for added curb appeal.
4.  Myth: Once potential buyers fall in love with the exterior look of your home, you put interior improvements on  
          the back burner.
Truth: Buyers have no qualms about walking right out the front door within 60 seconds if the house doesn't look like it could be theirs.

Remember that most buyers are looking for an inviting home in move-in condition. Spending a few thousand dollars for the right work on your home before you sell it, usually translates into a higher selling price and shorter marketing time. Your real estate agent will consult with you about the repairs and replacements that will benefit you most.
5.  Myth: Your home must be every homebuyer's dream home.
Truth: If you get carried away with repairs and replacements to your home, you may end up over-improving the house.

At some point, improvements that you make to your home can exceed what is customary for comparable homes in your area. For instance, there may not be another swimming pool in your entire subdivision. After spending $20,000 to install an in-ground swimming pool that you hope will lure buyers, you may find that it only raises the market value of your home by $10,000 because there are no other comparable properties to support the market value of the pool. As a rule of thumb, if your improvements push your home's value higher than 20% above average neighboring home values, don't expect to recoup the entire amount of improvements. Your real estate agent can advise you as to the scope of projects you might consider in preparing your house for sale.
6.  Myth: Buyers are never swayed by sellers that offer creative financing options.
Truth: By offering flexibility in financing options, you may lure more prospective buyers.

You might consider offering seller financing, paying some of the buyer's closing costs, including a one-year home warranty, or other buyer incentives. Your real estate agent, who has professional knowledge of local market activity, can help you decide what incentives, if any, to offer.
7.  Myth: You are better off selling your home on your own, thus saving the commission you would have paid to a  
          real estate agent.
Truth: Statistically, many sellers who attempt to sell their homes on their own cannot complete the sale without the service of a professional real estate agent.

Sellers who sell their home without a real estate agent often net less from the sale than sellers who use one. You visit a doctor when you’re sick and take your car to a mechanic when it needs repairs. It makes sense to contact a real estate professional when you are preparing to sell your biggest asset!
8.  Myth: Good sellers should be available to guide prospective buyers through the home, giving the whole process 
          a more personal touch.
Truth: Prospective buyers will feel more like the house could be theirs if the current owners are not there.

The presence of homeowners during a viewing can make buyers feel like they are intruding. They need to be able to visualize your house as their home, which can be difficult to do when they are acutely aware that it is still your home. Your real estate agent will be happy to look out for your home during open houses or showings.
9.  Myth: Successful sellers insist that the terms of the sale happen their way or no way.
Truth: If you approach the sale of your home as the buyer’s adversary, you risk losing a perfectly solid buyer for no good reason.

Both you and the buyer have the same goal: for you to sell your home and for the buyer to buy it. Work with your real estate agent to approach negotiations positively and with a win-win frame of mind.
10.  Myth: When you receive an offer, you should make the buyer wait. This gives you a better negotiating position.
Truth: You should reply immediately to an offer!

When a buyer makes an offer, that buyer is, at that moment in time, ready to buy your home. Moods can change, and you don't want to lose the sale because you stalled in replying.

Cheri was dedicated every step of the way!  

"I knew that my house was going to be challenging to sell since it was a work in progress. I selected Cheri Savini as my agent and I couldn't have been more pleased.  Cheri has a wealth of knowledge and I greatly valued her opinions and marketing strategies.


I was really impressed with Cheri's willingness to work hard but best of all was that she wasn't content with just waiting for potential buyers come to us, she continuosly networked with other agents to find them and bring them in.


We had many showings and numerous open houses and she was dedicated every step of the way! "

5/13/09, Elizabeth, Pennsburg Pa

Buying or Selling a Home is EASY ...if You Call Cheri and Debbie First! 
Let Us Know How We Can Help
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Click  Map Search or Search Homes in the menu bar for properties currently on the market.